Better Black Friday … the clothing edition

Black Friday has come and gone … but our buying habits are here to stayyyyyyy, so let’s cut right to it, shall we?

I am NOT here to make you feel guilty. I am not here to point fingers. And of course, I am not saying NEVER BUY ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. 🌝

Gina with her favourite pre-loved dress from Front & Company.

I’m here to share some AMAZING independent businesses that are DOING. IT. RIGHT. TODAY. I mean REALLY, REALLY killing it.

I la-la-la-looove fashion. I really do. It’s the WHOLE reason why I changed careers, wrote this thing, and as awesome as the universe is, now work at Shopify, learning all the things! Clothes are how I express how I’m feeling that day. Today, I’m feeling particularly SUPER cozy. So, I’m wearing my Shopify-X-Kotn collaborated forest green sweater and sweatpants that we got gifted🥺.

In hopes to make all future Black Friday’s Better, let’s take a little 💫extra💫 care to spend our precious earned monies to businesses that (like me and you) really care for the planet & people.

OKAY, here goes my list, I’ve separated it into pre-loved and new.
disclaimer: no one paid me to write this. It’s literally where I shop and where I’ve spent my precious hard earned CASSSH 🤑.


  1. Hazlewood Vintage (Saskatoon based — and online): Number one on my list because I’m a huge Michaela fan. Michaela is a gorgeous human being who gives second life to clothing and home goods. I take great pride in the pieces that now are home to my closet. If you read this before Sunday Nov 29, I am doing a giveaway with Hazlewood (only a dreaaam)… here’s the link if you have insta and want to participate — good luck friend!
  2. Community Thrift & Vintage (Vancouver based — and worldwide shipping available): I discovered this store walking the streets of downtown Vancouver four years ago. I adore this store. I adore their mission. They’re a social enterprise that sells recycled fashion at a lower price point. Not only that, all their profits are donated to the PHS Community Services Society. I get a TON of compliments on the pieces I own from their store, yep, even through video chats. ✨
  3. Front & Company Consignment (Vancouver based — and an online selection): The price point is a little higher since it is by consignment, but my favorite dress that I own (as seen on the photo above). They have a good eye for the stuff they consign, and no joke, every single time I visit my Vancouver, I make sure to pop in this store.
  4. Bellwethers Vintage (Ottawa brick & mortar): OOOKAYYY, I adore Madison. She has one of the most unique taste, and she takes GREAT care to make sure her items are SOLID. Here’s one of my favourite pieces from Bellwethers, and another one. I can’t wait for her to start selling online — because you all need a pre-loved item from Madison. They’re eye catching, super fun, and they’ll stay in your closet — forever. Also — her instagram is on another league.
  5. Trove Fashion (Ottawa brick & mortar): KELLY is a super kind human! I actually have consigned some of my clothes there, AND Trove is one of my go-to places to find more basics. It’s a pre-loved consignment shop and they have both men & women clothes! One of my faves that I’ve recently purchased is a pair of pre-loved citizens of humanity jeans!
  6. Ivy Vintage Clothing (Ottawa based & Etsy shop): Alex is SO good at whipping up outfits from her thrifted finds. I bought a turtleneck and a pair of high waisted pants from her and she was sooo sweet. I love following her on instagram to get inspiration on how I can style my own clothes!
  7. BeKindRewind (Ottawa based & worldwide shipping): Sydney is the cutest. I bought a demin Disney button up that I wear QUITE frequently (it has Bambi on it — I mean COME OOON… 🥰), plus I got a pre-loved Blue Jay’s jersey from her shop!
  8. Poshmark (online — sold from individual humans): I actually sell some of my shtuff on here and I’ve found some … AMAZING finds. My favourite pre-loved jean jacket (as seen here) is from Poshmark. I love that there’s more ways to find pre-loved items!
  9. Depop (online — sold from individual humans): I purchased pre-loved yoga leggings from here, and I’ve never looked back. There’s a couple insta influencers that post their clothes on here.

If you must buy new, I always make sure to use Good On You’s directory. I actually met one of the co-founders, Gordon, and our ten minute conversation turned into an hour and a half (bless his heart). I totally became an even bigger fan of Good On You. I may write about our conversation one day yet 👀.


  1. Kotn (rated “Good” on GoodOnYou): Okay, I’m a recent fan. I’ve ALLLLLLWAYS wanted to get something from Kotn, but I never desperately needed something! Then, I fell in love because Shopify sent us the sweat suit — omg, the quality, the level of coziness, and the coolest things so far is that 100% of their proceeds during one of THE most profitable times, are being donated. They have my attention and support. Yep, I definitely bought this for that reason today AND because they’re a Shopify merchant … which leads me to the smallest aside …
    note: I’m so proud 😭 to build at a company that will LITERALLY OFFSET THE CARBON EMISSIONS WITH EVERY. SINGLE. DELIVERY this Black Friday Cyber Monday. YAHHH, you read that right, read more here.
    another note: I’m a fan of Kotn, yes … but I’m always looking at how I wish companies were better. Kotn? I wish you were even more transparent … it is unclear whether Kotn ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain … and there is no evidence it minimises textile waste. Kotn, if you’re reading this? Can you make that more clear for us? I’m sold on you, but I want to be 100% sold on you.
  2. Patagonia (rated “Good” on GoodOnYou): I don’t think I need to write about how much I LOOOOVE patagonia, cause … don’t we all? The first piece I ever owned from Patagonia … is LITERALLY from 11 years ago. Yep, its their iconic fleece. The colour has lasted and my love for my precious fleece (as seen here) has only grown. Yes … (sheepish) like a good techie should, I am a proud owner of the better sweater, which, yep, has changed my life, LOL, and yes, I do in fact embrace my inner “Chad” in this one. 🙃 JK …
    note: here’s how I expect more from Patagonia. Apparently it uses leather and exotic animal hair in their production — and as a fellow vegan, is that really necessary? … I really don’t think so. Let’s do better and get your rating to a “GREAT” shall we?? 🤓
  3. Organic Basics (rated “Great” on GoodOnYou): I needed a good at home bra that held my little babies and made me feel sexy, and I am SO happy I chose this one. They take a lot of care to make their business transparent, ethical and sustainable … and YEP, you got it! Once my basics are worn to the brim, I’ll be coming back. Oh, and I barely have anything negative to say about them but that I wish they sold in CDN dollars, cause we don’t want to MATHs while we shop and … OMG, I need to mention their low impact website:“since data transfer requires electricity, which creates carbon emissions — and this leads to climate change. The Low Impact website reduces data transfer by up to 70% in comparison to our regular website”

last updated: Sunday — Nov 29 2020

I’ll keep the lists updated as I do more research. I will NEVER post brands that I haven’t purchased from and can’t fully back with my cash.

Here’s to better black friday’s and to loving our planet and our people by choosing a better option.

Let’s always remember who made the clothes that we have the privilege of dressing ourselves with.

Proud to make good choices along side you…

Gina ✨



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